Windows live mail is the official account by the Microsoft company to deal with all the services as well as the products of the company. So in case you are using any of the Microsoft service then in order to function them properly you need to have an account.

Now in order to use this service on different platforms you need to first of all create an account and after that you have to go for configuring it onto your device and which also includes the imap settings for the device. The process to do so can be known by contacting the Outlook customer service.


So the simple steps to do are explained below:-

  • here you need to enter various data like, in the IMAP server name you need to enter

  • followed by entering the IMAP port number as 993

  • after that you have to type the IMAP encryption method as the SSL

  • followed by entering the POP server name as

  • and then you have to enter the POP port number as the 995

  • once you reach here then you have to enter the encryption method as the SSL

  • now its the time to enter the SMTP server name as the

  • followed by entering the smtp port as the 587

  • after entering the above information you are most probably done with the entering of the information


Now above mentioned are the simple steps to do the imap settings of the windows live mail, but just in case you find that the above mentioned are not so easy to be followed by you then you can for sure call on the Outlook support number for required help.

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