How to sort out MSN email account problems?

MSN user can mark emails as spam to prevent such type of emails and also one can block email addresses from sending emails. MSN has better junk mail filter now and provides custom filters for mail sorting. It provides free web mail service and emails can be accessed much easier now. Hotmail has secured log-in and user can access up to 4 POP accounts through MSN.

Now there are various troubles also faced by MSN users related to MSN account and some of the issues will be discussed in this article. For alternate assistance user can also contact MSN customer service for best email solutions.

Users have come with the problem of MSN configuration on iPhone and here are the setup steps of MSN on iPhone –

  • Open the device and choose ‘Settings’.

  • Move down and select ‘Mail, Contacts and Calendars’.

  • Now click on ‘Add Account’ and select ‘Others’.

  • Tap on ‘Add Mail Account’. Enter MSN email, Name and Password.

  • Under ‘Incoming Mail Server’ enter ‘’. Also enter ‘Username’, ‘Email Address’ and ‘Password’.

  • Under ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ enter ‘’. Enter ‘Username’, ‘Email Address’ and ‘Password’.

  • Choose ‘SMTP’ and under ‘Main Server’ select ‘’. Set ‘SSL’ to ‘None’ and ‘Server Port’ to ‘25’.

  • Tap ‘Done’ and then choose ‘Advanced’. Set ‘SSL’ and ‘Server Port’ to ‘’.

  • Restart the device and finish the MSN setup process.

There are also various other various MSN email account issues mainly problem in incoming and outgoing of emails. Make sure that there is proper network connectivity for access of the MSN account. If user is connected to corporate network then make sure company’s firewall is not blocking the access. While accessing the MSN account from PC make sure that browser used for email access is clear of cookies.

Dial MSN phone number to get more troubleshooting steps. Support expert provides best troubleshooting steps for any type of email problems via chat assistance,mail support.

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