Proficient solution to allow pop ups on the Pinterest App

How do I allow pop ups on the Pinterest App in swift manner?


Pop ups are the window that appears when user is browsing particular website or application. To allow pop ups on the Pinterest App in remarkable manner, user is required to walk on set of instructions that has been illustrated as below:-


·         In case, user is making use of chrome browser, user is required to launch web browser

·         Furthermore, user is required to hit click on right side of screen and hit click on menu option that appears on screen

·         Moving to next step, user is required to choose setting option that appears on screen

·         Now user is required to hit click on content setting in error free manner

·         Moreover, user is required to hit click on pin interest web site that appears on screen

·         Furthermore, user is required to hit click on pin button in reliable manner

·         Now user is required to hit click on enable pop up option that appears on screen in trouble free manner

·         Once the setting has been made, just hit single click on done option


In case any mandatory assistance is required to resolve perplexing nature of technical hiccup, just trigger call on Pinterest customer service number This number is operational 24/7 and technical expertise provide magnificent solution at any point of time and at any location to resolve the hiccup in jiffy. Be ready to procure cent percent satisfactory solution in remarkable manner at doorstep. Stay tuned to procure outstanding support and assistance today.

How to merge outlook account with skype?

Outlook gives you the fastest and easy mode to communicate. This is the one email application on which anybody could rely on and are provided with enough number of features. People may use it to perform the numerous communication related tasks. For the times when individual will need immediate help,they need to connect with Outlook tech support team.

There are number of issues which has been solved by Outlook support team. Here,respective could see the resolution of one:-

How may I merge Outlook account with Skype?

  • First,user should open “Skype” window and tap “Microsoft account”

  • Individual should now enter “Microsoft username” and “password”. Select the “Sign in” button

  • Tap the option of “I have a Skype account” button

  • Now,there is need to select Skype account name. For more than one account displayed, tap your main Skype account.

  • From the field that appears below the account name, there is need to enter Skype account password. Select the “Sign in” option

  • Skype will now tell you to use your Microsoft user name to sign in to Skype.

  • Tap the “Continue” button to merge your Microsoft and Skype accounts.

  • Skype would now tell you to set up your sound and video settings along with the profile picture. Select the “Continue” button to begin.

  • From the next screen, individual may adjust their speaker, microphone, along with video settings. Choose the option of “Continu”.

  • From the next screen,select to add a profile picture.

  • Select the option of “Add later” to continue

  • The Skype window will now appear,contacts with Messenger or Skype accounts will be appear in the Contacts tab.


Individual will now see that whether the problem get solved or not

For the times when users will have any inconvenience,they may contact with support team by using the Outlook phone number. It is really easy to get on customer service site.

Obtain basic guidance on how to use Sbcglobal email with Outlook:

Sbcglobal email account is generally used as a free webmail account by using numerous devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android device and with numerous email accounts like Gmail account, Outlook, Roadrunner, and much more. In this modern era, a user can configure his personal email account on the device as well as with email account to check all emails quickly.

So, here on we are trying to discuss on the particular matter of how to use sbcglobal email with Outlook on an Android device. This is why Firstly, keep in the mind to use sbcglobal email account that in your device must have an excellent internet connection and then after starting the procedure of configuration. If having any issue to do so, Sbcglobal customer service is always open to fixing the issue on the correct time.

Following are the steps on how to use sbcglobal email with Outlook:

·         At first, start your Android device and then click on the sbcglobal app.

·         Enter the correct email address and password and then click on the sign in button.

·         Go to the settings and then click on add account button and then click on add another email account option.

·         Enter the correct Outlook email address and then click on the IMAP mail server.

·         Click on Add button and then follow the same procedure with the SMTP mail server.

·         Having done the task, click on the port number and click on the check mark and then press the next button.

·         Click on the SSL email server and then enter the password into the relevant field.

·         After that click on the sign in button and then enter the correct email address and password of Outlook email account.

·         Check out the emails from the inbox and then it is also possible to send emails to the clients in no time.

Having configured Outlook email account for use with sbcglobal, if persisting any error then immediately makes a call on Sbcglobal support number that is available all the time to stump up the issue on the correct time.

How do i forward Hotmail to another email?

Those older days of email services still haunts us when sending mail was always tedious and tough process. Earlier we used to navigate the web browser at the slowest speeds and then login will take few minutes if the connection are proper and data packets traffics were smooth and sending big attachments was never a possibility. Now it takes few minutes in login with credentials on your email id and sent as much big attachment as one can.

Nothing has transferred the email services as Hotmail does. Hotmail is one of the first web mail service that takes the world of email services into new height. The web services were founded by Sabeer Bhatia in July 1996. Later on Microsoft take over it. It is presently one of the largest web mail service providers in the world with millions of user base login each day to access their mail service. Over the course of time it has added many new features in form of chats, new and entertainment to their web mail portal giving user excellent experiences. Despite giving excellent service to their customer, sometimes the new user does faces issue regarding certain mail services. One of the certain issue is regarding forwarding the Hotmail mail account to another email account. One can take the help of Hotmail customer service to solve this issue or follow some of the common procedures to forward Hotmail to another email :

  • First of all log into your outlook mail.

  • Then click or tap into the settings menu icon which is close to the right side of the menu bar.

  • Choose option from the drop down menu, on the left side of the option page, click on the mail sections.

  • In there under the accounts sections, click on the forwarding.

  • Always make sure that start forwarding bubble is selected.

  • Properly enter the email address which you want to transfer the mail automatically.

  • One can also make a copy of that message by putting a check mark in a box that states a forward copy of that forward message.

  • Click on the save option in order to make changes.


In case, if you could not able to solve the issue then one can Call to Hotmail help number which you will find by visiting their website and clicking on the support and then on Contact. Their 24*7 customer support team is trained expert individual which will make sure that your problem is solved on immediate basis.

How to change Gmail account password on Android device?

Gmail is one of the most widely preferred email service with all the email management features. Security provided to the email account user is top class preventing any type of unauthorized access into the account. Save emails & contacts in separate folder of the Gmail account and user can also mark emails as spam.

Now there are instances when the user might face problem in accessing the Gmail account. New users might face of problem of Gmail password from the Android device and many users have also registered the problem with the support team. This article will provide steps to change the Gmail account password and for expert assistance one can also contact Gmail tech support.

If the user is accessing emails using Gmail app then follow the steps for password change –

  • Open the Gmail app and enter the login details.

  • Once user is in the account tap on settings at the top corner.

  • User will get the password option in settings.

  • Enter the old password and new password.

  • Click on save and Gmail account password is changed.


Gmail user can also change the Gmail account password using web browser. Here are the steps –

  • Login to the Gmail account.

  • At the top right corner click on cog icon and choose ‘Settings’.

  • From the menu user can get the option of change password.

  • Now click on ‘Accounts’ at the top.

  • Choose ‘Change password’.

  • Enter the old password and also the new password.

  • Click ‘Change Password’.

In case of any problem in changing the Gmail password dial Gmail help number. Support professional will remotely provide or via phone support assistance for password change and also solutions to various other problems.


Windows live mail is the official account by the Microsoft company to deal with all the services as well as the products of the company. So in case you are using any of the Microsoft service then in order to function them properly you need to have an account.

Now in order to use this service on different platforms you need to first of all create an account and after that you have to go for configuring it onto your device and which also includes the imap settings for the device. The process to do so can be known by contacting the Outlook customer service.


So the simple steps to do are explained below:-

  • here you need to enter various data like, in the IMAP server name you need to enter

  • followed by entering the IMAP port number as 993

  • after that you have to type the IMAP encryption method as the SSL

  • followed by entering the POP server name as

  • and then you have to enter the POP port number as the 995

  • once you reach here then you have to enter the encryption method as the SSL

  • now its the time to enter the SMTP server name as the

  • followed by entering the smtp port as the 587

  • after entering the above information you are most probably done with the entering of the information


Now above mentioned are the simple steps to do the imap settings of the windows live mail, but just in case you find that the above mentioned are not so easy to be followed by you then you can for sure call on the Outlook support number for required help.

How to add Google chrome in Ubuntu?

The Ubuntu operating system has emerged to be the most preferred and features loaded operating system which provides a range of features to the users. The Ubuntu operating system also provides the access of google chrome on it to the users making their work go fast. The Google chrome is a very well-known browser which helps the users to get the Internet related services and increase their work efficiency. Google chrome is always preferred by the users for any operating system so as with Ubuntu because of its multiple features and outstanding support mechanism. The Google chrome customer service is available for the users in all of their issues which they face while working on the browser. It has a team of technical experts which is always available for the users in their issues.

The Google chrome could be accessed on the Ubuntu operating system helping them to get all the features of the browser and make their work go fast. In order to add google chrome in Ubuntu, users are required to go through the following steps

·        Go to the google chrome download page

·        Choose either 32 bit .deb for 32 bit Ubuntu

·        Choose 64 bit .deb for 64 bit Ubuntu

·        Select accept and install

·        Download the .deb file to a folder

·        Double click on the .deb file you have downloaded

·        This will launch the Ubuntu software download centre

Once the browser is installed on the system, users can easily get its access without going through any issue and continue their work easily on it.

The support for the browser is available through chat, email and looking for the articles and videos on the support page. Users can also make call on the Google chrome phone number and get connected to the experts for getting the proper solution.

Follow these steps to add email contacts to MSN messenger

MSN messenger provide the facility of video chat and sms messages to communicate with each other. MSN messenger include an interactive video conversation tools and dynamic display pictures.

To store the personal information about the people you can create a contact list in the MSN mail,If you want to send email messages to multiple people at the same time you can add contacts to email. Either you are online or offline you can add contacts from received e-mail messages. It is easy to keep track of recipient by adding contacts in any email. MSN customer service team provide a best solution to the user in managing their email services and contact address book.

Steps to add email contacts to MSN

To add email contacts to MSN messenger user have to follow the given steps:

  • First of all you need to login your account.

  • Go to the navigation bar and select Mail & More.

  • now select the address book by clicking on.

  • Click New Contact in the address book.

  • Now type the new contact information, including a nickname for quick access the contact

  • To save the new contact detail you have to Click on Save Changes.

  • If you want to save a contact from an e-mail message u just have to open the message, and then click Save Addresses after the selection.

You can be assured that all the information you want to include is saved in contact list by manually adding it. We provide the essential guideline and quick assistance to the users so that they can use their MSN services freely. If you have any issue regarding to create a contact list then you can directly contact to team by calling at MSN support number.


Welcome to Gmail product and see the steps to configure Gmail imap in outlook 2007

Gmail do not need any introduction as everyone knows that it is a very admirable product of Google inc. and enclosed hundreds of additional facility. Outlook is one of the widely used webmail client service. Millions of people are availing the Gmail and Outlook and thus few complications coming out in front of us is quite normal. Most of the time people know to contact Gmail customer service in between any glitch and they also recommend other to contact the same platform. Outlook 2007 is of the very successful email client and that can hold many email address simultaneously. We are the customer support company and we are highly reputed among all the competitor companies because of our working style and point-to-point solution.


How to configure gmail imap in outlook 2007?:

  • Start with opening the Outlook and click on the file tab.

  • On the account information screen, click on the add account and then proceed further.

  • On the add account dialogue box, you can select the email account option that is automatically sets up your Gmail account in outlook process of setup displays and automatic process may or may not work.

  • In case of failure of automatic process select the manual setup or additional server types.

  • Now in this step user on the choose version screen, select POP or IMAP and click Next.

  • Now you are able to access the system after desired changes.


Reason behind our selection for multiple solutions:

The company keep their word and they proved many time by delivering the appropriate solution. Although the company have many options by following which you can get in touch with the desire techies. But there is a massive demand of calling support and thus the company has been represented many Gmail phone number which can be easily dialed from any mobile as well as landlines. We are have the most talented people working in our company. They are passed through many level of selection process. After the selection the personnel are sent to the rigorous training of several months and then they are appoint on the chair of technical support executive. People who are already availing our services are also recommending others to have solutions through us only.

How to sort out MSN email account problems?

MSN user can mark emails as spam to prevent such type of emails and also one can block email addresses from sending emails. MSN has better junk mail filter now and provides custom filters for mail sorting. It provides free web mail service and emails can be accessed much easier now. Hotmail has secured log-in and user can access up to 4 POP accounts through MSN.

Now there are various troubles also faced by MSN users related to MSN account and some of the issues will be discussed in this article. For alternate assistance user can also contact MSN customer service for best email solutions.

Users have come with the problem of MSN configuration on iPhone and here are the setup steps of MSN on iPhone –

  • Open the device and choose ‘Settings’.

  • Move down and select ‘Mail, Contacts and Calendars’.

  • Now click on ‘Add Account’ and select ‘Others’.

  • Tap on ‘Add Mail Account’. Enter MSN email, Name and Password.

  • Under ‘Incoming Mail Server’ enter ‘’. Also enter ‘Username’, ‘Email Address’ and ‘Password’.

  • Under ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ enter ‘’. Enter ‘Username’, ‘Email Address’ and ‘Password’.

  • Choose ‘SMTP’ and under ‘Main Server’ select ‘’. Set ‘SSL’ to ‘None’ and ‘Server Port’ to ‘25’.

  • Tap ‘Done’ and then choose ‘Advanced’. Set ‘SSL’ and ‘Server Port’ to ‘’.

  • Restart the device and finish the MSN setup process.

There are also various other various MSN email account issues mainly problem in incoming and outgoing of emails. Make sure that there is proper network connectivity for access of the MSN account. If user is connected to corporate network then make sure company’s firewall is not blocking the access. While accessing the MSN account from PC make sure that browser used for email access is clear of cookies.

Dial MSN phone number to get more troubleshooting steps. Support expert provides best troubleshooting steps for any type of email problems via chat assistance,mail support.

What to do when facing difficulties in iCloud Outlook syncing?

You may have synced your Outlook account with iCloud for a long time and also enjoy the syncing process by accessing top quality services from the iCloud. But sometimes when trying to access then users may get technical errors as a result of which normal tasks get disrupted. Users are advised not to worry at all as this is the place where any of the sync problems can be resolved within the shortest span of time. There are certified technicians who have been waiting for the users call and resolve any of their redundancies within the shortest span of time. iCloud customer service can be used to resolve the issue in a quick span of time. Apart from this there are few other troubleshooting techniques which can be tried out by the users in order to get the issue fixed within the shortest span of time. Manual process to resolve the issue is mentioned in a step by step manner below.

Things that can be tried out in order to resolve iCloud Outlook sync problems

  • If the mail account doesn’t access any of the devices – If the mail account doesn’t have access to any of the devices then they can open iCloud for Windows and then Deselect mail and then click on Apply. Users can now reselect mail and then click on Apply and finally sign out and then again Sign In to fix the issue.

  • If unable to send and receive mail – It may be that as a result of sync issue users are not being able to send and receive mails. In such cases users can close their Outlook account and then they can Sign Out of iCloud for Windows and then again they can Sign back in and restart their Outlook to enjoy uninterrupted services.

If the issue remains still unfixed?

If that wasn’t suffice to fix your issue then the last option and the best option that is available for the users to get their issue resolved is to seek assistance from the immensely qualified and skilled technicians by dialing the 24/7 iCloud phone number. Some of the best technicians are all time available in the market and fix their issue within the shortest span of time. They have the ability to troubleshoot any level of complexity in the first call itself. Fixation of any of the issue or error can be obtained by one of the available technical assistance modes which are onsite assistance, and live chatting and via mail support.