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If your storage is full in ICloud, here is a procedure to create space

ICloud is a cloud storage computing service provided by apple. It was founded and established on October 12, 2011. This service provides its users with means to store the data on internet that is your phone storage is not used and the data is saving on the external storage of the phone. It provides you with around 6-7 Gb of space to save your data. The data could be a document, photo and music. If you want to have the in-depth knowledge for ICloud you can contact iCloud customer service number.  You would now get in contact with the experts and they would provide you with all the information that you need to know.

ICloud is only accessible for the people using Iphone it has not yet been introduced for other software.

 If you reach or exceed your iCloud storage by any chance then you are eligible to manage your storage in order to create space.

  • First of all check how much storage is available for you
  • Go to settings, and then click on your name
  • Now you would see iCloud click on that and then tap on iCloud storage manager.

In order to create space, follow the steps given below

  • Many apps generally backup on iCloud as soon as you install them in order to create space you can change which app needs a back up to iCloud and rest can be removed from it.
  • Enter the settings through the menu and then click on ICloud
  • Tap on manage storage which you would be able to locate when you scroll down.
  • Now tap the name of iphone, ipad that is linked with your account.
  • Under the choose data backup you can de select or turn off any apps that you don’t want a back up off
  • Now it will direct you to a page where you can click on turn off and delete.

Once when you confirm that you want to turn off and delete the app. It would then turn off ICloud back up for that particular application and will remove all its information as well, hence, creating space for you in the apple iCloud.

If the above stated steps did not work for you, you can contact the ICloud help number and you would automatically get connected with the well versed executives who will help you and give you instant solutions to your prevailing problems