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How do i forward Hotmail to another email?

Those older days of email services still haunts us when sending mail was always tedious and tough process. Earlier we used to navigate the web browser at the slowest speeds and then login will take few minutes if the connection are proper and data packets traffics were smooth and sending big attachments was never a possibility. Now it takes few minutes in login with credentials on your email id and sent as much big attachment as one can.

Nothing has transferred the email services as Hotmail does. Hotmail is one of the first web mail service that takes the world of email services into new height. The web services were founded by Sabeer Bhatia in July 1996. Later on Microsoft take over it. It is presently one of the largest web mail service providers in the world with millions of user base login each day to access their mail service. Over the course of time it has added many new features in form of chats, new and entertainment to their web mail portal giving user excellent experiences. Despite giving excellent service to their customer, sometimes the new user does faces issue regarding certain mail services. One of the certain issue is regarding forwarding the Hotmail mail account to another email account. One can take the help of Hotmail customer service to solve this issue or follow some of the common procedures to forward Hotmail to another email :

  • First of all log into your outlook mail.

  • Then click or tap into the settings menu icon which is close to the right side of the menu bar.

  • Choose option from the drop down menu, on the left side of the option page, click on the mail sections.

  • In there under the accounts sections, click on the forwarding.

  • Always make sure that start forwarding bubble is selected.

  • Properly enter the email address which you want to transfer the mail automatically.

  • One can also make a copy of that message by putting a check mark in a box that states a forward copy of that forward message.

  • Click on the save option in order to make changes.


In case, if you could not able to solve the issue then one can Call to Hotmail help number which you will find by visiting their website and clicking on the support and then on Contact. Their 24*7 customer support team is trained expert individual which will make sure that your problem is solved on immediate basis.