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How to change Gmail account password on Android device?

Gmail is one of the most widely preferred email service with all the email management features. Security provided to the email account user is top class preventing any type of unauthorized access into the account. Save emails & contacts in separate folder of the Gmail account and user can also mark emails as spam.

Now there are instances when the user might face problem in accessing the Gmail account. New users might face of problem of Gmail password from the Android device and many users have also registered the problem with the support team. This article will provide steps to change the Gmail account password and for expert assistance one can also contact Gmail tech support.

If the user is accessing emails using Gmail app then follow the steps for password change –

  • Open the Gmail app and enter the login details.

  • Once user is in the account tap on settings at the top corner.

  • User will get the password option in settings.

  • Enter the old password and new password.

  • Click on save and Gmail account password is changed.


Gmail user can also change the Gmail account password using web browser. Here are the steps –

  • Login to the Gmail account.

  • At the top right corner click on cog icon and choose ‘Settings’.

  • From the menu user can get the option of change password.

  • Now click on ‘Accounts’ at the top.

  • Choose ‘Change password’.

  • Enter the old password and also the new password.

  • Click ‘Change Password’.

In case of any problem in changing the Gmail password dial Gmail help number. Support professional will remotely provide or via phone support assistance for password change and also solutions to various other problems.