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Are you willing to make your Gmail interface look like Outlook in Chrome browser?

How to make Gmail look like Outlook in chrome?

If you have recently switched to Gmail and are not satisfied with the interface then you can always make the interface look like Outlook so that you can atleast get a feel of it. This has been done by a technology named Window Pane. Users will have to switch to the mode to make the interface look as it is. If you are interested in it then further knowledge with regards to the same can be obtained from Gmail customer service 24/7 which consists of immensely qualified and skilled technicians. They have years of rigorous experience to ensure that the issue or the query is resolved within a quickest span of time. But in case if you think that you have gained sufficient knowledge to fix the issue by the self process then move down the tutorial to get the step by step process and get your things done on an instant basis.


Steps to make Gmail look like Outlook in Chrome:

Step 1: Login to your Gmail account as you have been doing earlier and then click on Settings from the top right corner.

Step 2: Users can then simply select Labs tab from there and then they can scroll down until they see the Preview Pane option.

Step 3: Users will now get a enable button on the right which they will have to click on and after having done that they can scroll down to the bottom to click on Save.

Step 4: Users can now return to their inbox which will show a toggle split pane button.

Step 5: Users can click on the arrow next to the split pane button and after having done that they can select vertical split.

Step 6: Finally after having done that users will find their Gmail account is looking the way of Outlook interface.


Are you unable to follow the sequential procedure?

Don’t feel bad at all if you have wasted a lot of your time in following the above mentioned steps and have not got the desired output. There are certified technicians who can offer all the necessary assistance to the users to fix the issue in a very short span of time. All they need to do is simply dial the 24/7 Gmail support number and then solution for the underlying issue can be obtained on an instant basis via phone or onsite assistance or live chatting and mail support.

Welcome to Gmail product and see the steps to configure Gmail imap in outlook 2007

Gmail do not need any introduction as everyone knows that it is a very admirable product of Google inc. and enclosed hundreds of additional facility. Outlook is one of the widely used webmail client service. Millions of people are availing the Gmail and Outlook and thus few complications coming out in front of us is quite normal. Most of the time people know to contact Gmail customer service in between any glitch and they also recommend other to contact the same platform. Outlook 2007 is of the very successful email client and that can hold many email address simultaneously. We are the customer support company and we are highly reputed among all the competitor companies because of our working style and point-to-point solution.


How to configure gmail imap in outlook 2007?:

  • Start with opening the Outlook and click on the file tab.

  • On the account information screen, click on the add account and then proceed further.

  • On the add account dialogue box, you can select the email account option that is automatically sets up your Gmail account in outlook process of setup displays and automatic process may or may not work.

  • In case of failure of automatic process select the manual setup or additional server types.

  • Now in this step user on the choose version screen, select POP or IMAP and click Next.

  • Now you are able to access the system after desired changes.


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